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This is Mohd Omar Gul Khan from Bhopal Madhya Pradesh, CEO of Columbus Multimedia Films & Production's Bhopal. I run this as a Line Production company, we are 1st Line Producer of Madhya Pradesh since 1992, We`ve started our career as a Service Provider & Fixer with the film MUHAFIZA/IN CUSTODY, TARKIEB, SHOOL, ASHOKA and some serials and the journey begins. We've recently done the south (Telugu) movie "TAPPINCHUKOLERU" (Nobody Can Escape) in Bhopal and various other places of MP (Tamia, Pachhmarhi Etc.) All the requirements of the team, location, permission, accommodation, stay, catering, police security, personal security, etc. We know how to manage them and make a service for the valued filmmaker.

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